Leopold Bros. Silver Tree American Small Batch Vodka at Del Mesa Liquor
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Leopold Bros. Silver Tree American Small Batch Vodka

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Product image may differ from the actual product.
Note from Todd Leopold, Master Distiller - “Silver Tree Vodka is silky, slightly sweet and a very clean vodka. While most distilleries use either potatoes or grain when making vodka, I use both to get the silkiness from the potatoes and the sweetness of the grains. I distill Silver Tree 7 times so that I do not have to filter it. When running any spirit through a filter, many of the nuances and characteristics that the larger particles lend to the liquid are lost, and you end up with a watery, flat-tasting spirit. I created Silver Tree to be a smooth vodka that has character and contributes a noticeable difference to a cocktail that can also be enjoyed on the rocks.”


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