Sour & Lambic

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    Discover the tantalizing world of sours and lambics, where the art of brewing meets a symphony of tangy, complex flavors. Defined by their unique fermentation process and distinct taste profiles, sour beers and lambics offer an intriguing deviation from traditional brews.

    Sours, known for their vibrant tartness, are crafted through a fermentation process involving wild yeast and bacteria, resulting in a pleasantly acidic and zesty taste. They encompass a broad spectrum of styles, from Berliner Weisse to Gose, each offering a delightful pucker and refreshing experience.

    Lambics, a traditional Belgian style, elevate the sour beer experience with their spontaneous fermentation, often taking place in open vats, allowing wild yeast and bacteria from the environment to influence the beer. This method imparts a distinctive fruity, sour taste, further enhanced by the addition of fruits like cherries (Kriek) or raspberries (Framboise).

    Our Sour & Lambic collection boasts an array of these unique brews, showcasing a spectrum of flavors that dance between sour, tangy, and fruity notes. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a curious newcomer to the world of sour beers, this collection offers an opportunity to explore and savor these exceptional and palate-arousing libations. Indulge in the adventurous and intricate taste profiles of sours and lambics, and elevate your drinking experience with each tantalizing sip.