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Leopold Bros

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Leopold Bros Three Chamber Rye Whiskey
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For over a hundred years, American rye whiskey was commonly produced in what was called a Three Chamber Still to extract not only distillate, but also oils and aromas hidden in the grains. The resulting spirit was marketed as “heavy-bodied”...

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Leopold Bros. Silver Tree American Small Batch Vodka
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Note from Todd Leopold, Master Distiller - “Silver Tree Vodka is silky, slightly sweet and a very clean vodka. While most distilleries use either potatoes or grain when making vodka, I use both to get the silkiness from the potatoes...

Leopold Bros Summer Gin
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This bright, citrus-forward, and vibrant gin truly captures the summer season in a bottle. By individually distilling juniper berries, coriander, blood orange, lemon myrtle leaf, and the immortal flower, we are able to highlight the truest expression of each ingredient. We have...

Leopold Bros American Small Batch Gin
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Hand bottled, hand labeled and hand numbered, most gin is produced by placing spirit in a pot-still and distilling every botanical all at once.  We have a different approach by distilling each botanical individually: juniper, orris root, cardamon, coriander, orange...

Leopold Bros Navy Strength Gin
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Navy gin was stored next to gunpowder munitions on naval warships. Navy gin was distilled to a proof just high enough that if it spilled during battle, the ship’s gunpowder would still ignite. In crafting our version of this maritime...

Leopold Bros 5 Year Bottled in Bond Straight Bourbon Whiskey
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Open fermentation in wooden tanks with both house-cultured and indigenous yeast strains. Pot distilled and unfiltered. Aged five years in new American white oak charred barrels on earthen floors in the distillery's unheated dunnage-style bonded warehouse.

Leopold Bros American Small Batch Whiskey
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Leopold Bros have turned back the clock and revived the traditions that were handed down to us from the pioneers of American distilling. The process begins by fermenting a traditional sour mash of corn and rye at colder temperatures, but...