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Beer from Belgium

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Rodenbach Grand Cru
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The typical sweet and sour taste of a Rodenbach Grand Cru is produced by a two stage fermentation process called mixed fermentation, involving top-fermentation and bacterial fermentation using lactic acid bacteria. The Rodenbach Grand Cru matures in oak foeders, or...

Rodenbach Alexander Flanders
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Rodenbach Alexander is a blend of 2/3rd aged Rodenbach (2 year matured beer from oak standing Foeders) and 1/3rd young ale, then macerated with sour cherries.

Cantillon Rosé De Gambrinus
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LIMIT 1 PER CUSTOMERWhole fresh raspberries are fermented in oak casks of Belgium’s classic beer – beer fermented by wild yeasts borne on the open air. Very dry, tart, and fruity, but also funky and complex, as a natural lambic...

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Fantome Chocolate
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A Belgian saison beer brewed with cocoa powder and chili pepper? Ay, caramba! Score another one for the unpredictable brewery that was the first — and so far, the only — to make ales out of dandelions and mushrooms, among...

Huyghe Brewery Delirium Tremens
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Belgian Strong Golden Ale with a peppery bitterness without aggression that clocks in at 8.5% ABV.

Lindeman's Framboise
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Added raspberry juice to the lambic creates a delicate fruity aroma and a beautiful dark pink color.

Huyghe Brewery Delirium Red
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Deep dark red color, with a light pink, compact and lacing head bringing soft fruity aroma, with hints of almond and mildly sour cherries. The beer is sweet and fruity, with a nice balance between sweet and sour. An excellent...

Rodenbach Classic
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Rodenbach Classic, a veritable thirst quencher, is red-brown in colour thanks to the coloured malt and derives its slightly sour taste from the maturation in oak foeders.