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Wine from Spain

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Harveys Bristol Cream Original Superior Sherry
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Launched in 1882, and granted the Royal Warrant shortly after, Bristol Cream is crafted from a delicate blend of Jerez’s finest wines; delicate finos, aged amontillados, fragrant olorosos and the special Pedro Ximenez grape providing a silky, mellow smoothness. Known...

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Cruz Garzia Real Sangria Red
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Real Sangría is a light-bodied, fruity and refreshing "Spanish Sangria" produced from fine Spanish red wine and a blend of natural citrus fruit flavors.For centuries, sangria has been one of the most popular drinks in Spain. Traditional sangria is a...

Bodegas Nodus Actum Red Blend 2015
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Beware this dark red blend will captivate your senses. Actum Sinister has decadent displays of dark fruit flavors such as; blackberry, raspberry & juicy black cherry. This mischievous blend of 3 variety grape wine creates a bold wine with wicked...

Freixenet Cordon Negro Extra Dry Cava Champagne
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Cordon Negro Extra Dry was introduced in 1990 to appeal to changing customer preferences. Updated to trend along with more modern palates, Cordon Negro Brut Extra Dry is a crisp sparkling wine with just a nuance of sweetness, making it...

Actum Sinister Dark Red Blend 2015
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A balanced and full wine with an elegant finish. A blend of Syrah and Tempranillo. Briefly matured to bring out the best of both varieties, producing a modern, very palatable organic wine.

Celler Cooperatiu Espodol Vi Ranci Sec
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Catalunya is home to one of the oldest forms of wine making, a tradition for aged dry wines that pre-dates modern viticulture. Known throughout Roussillon as Rancio Sec (or alternately Vi Ranci), these are dry, unfortified wines that are often...

Campo Viejo Garnacha 2016
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Floods of fruit on the nose, strawberry, raspberry, cherry and blackberry, enhanced with floral notes of violet and lilac. Subtle notes of sweet spices and toast enhance and wrap the fruit. Soft, silky and fresh mouth feel that is intensly...

Freixenet Cordon Negro Rosé Cava Champagne
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Freixenet Cordon Negro Rosé sparkling wine delivers a premium, smooth, soft glass of bubbly with an appealing color and a delightfully long finish. This beautiful cava stands alone as an elegant choice with its fruity vanilla aroma and pleasantly balanced...

Freixenet Ice Cuvee Cava Champagne
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Freixenet ICE Cuvée is the new refreshing way to drink Freixenet. With its enigmatic bottle design and enticing serve over ice, Freixenet ICE Cuvée brings a new dimension to the sparkling wine category. Fine bubbles, peach and ripe pear flavours,...

Torres Sangre de Toro Garnacha 2015
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Deep cherry red in color. Fruit aromas of wild blackberries with notes of ripe dried plums and roasted coffee. An intense, warm and succulent palate with an echo of licorice on the finish. Perfect with stews, game, meat paellas and...

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Bodega Sanchez Romate Amontillado NPU Sherry
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A bright amber coloured wine. A sharp nutty aroma with hints of herbs, tobacco and lightly toasted oak. A very dry and smooth taste with a balanced acidity and a long hazelnut aftertaste. A very special wine produced from a...

Cap Corse Mattei Rouge 'Quinquina
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Among the most famous of French Quinquina, enjoyed for generations by visitors and residents of the Island of Corsica. It is composed of a variety of local and exotic spices, walnuts and cinchona bark (quinine) on a base of Corsican Muscat...