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Leopold Bros American Small Batch Whiskey

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Leopold Bros have turned back the clock and revived the traditions that were handed down to us from the pioneers of American distilling. The process begins by fermenting a traditional sour mash of corn and rye at colder temperatures, but without the aid of refrigeration. Fermentation takes more time this way, but results in softer whiskey and develops subtle flavors such as vanilla, pear, rock candy, and raspberry. Unlike modern dat continuous stills that flash boil the mash in a few seconds, we take an entire day to distill the mash in a small batch copper pot still to extract fuller and rounder flavors from the corn and rye. 

After distilling the flavorful result a second time to refine and focus the flavors, the whiskey is then barreled at 89 proof, a common practice in the 1800's. This enables more whiskey to come into contact with the barrel, allowing the mild brown sugar and molasses notes that come from the charred barrels to shine through. Finally, we hand bottle each unfiltered barrel individually, and number each bottle according to the barrel from which it came, producing only 240 bottles per batch. 

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