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Lacuesta Sweet Red Vermouth

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This has been made the same way since 1937 at the winery Martinez Lacuesta in Rioja. Almost 30 different herbs, spices and aromatic plants are macerated in white wine to make the vermouth. It's not sweet & it's not dry, but rides the line perfectly between. This is very herbal with notes of dried orange and cinnamon and a finish of bitters and is all about the botanicals. This is the perfect vermouth for a Manhattan and is also perfect chilled in a glass on its own.

The vermouth, which Martínez Lacuesta produces in a home-made way, is a beverage made with white wine, in which different aromatic plants and herbs are macerated until obtaining that characteristic flavor that makes it an ideal aperitif or main ingredient in cocktails.

The Lacuesta vermouth has two features that make it unique: its Conzia, which is an original formula that includes aromatic herbs and plants of very different origins, and its ageing process in French oak barrels that sets it apart from the rest and makes it exceptional.
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