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La Favorite Coeur de Canne Vieux Rhum

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The nose opens with a sweet and generously caramelised agricultural rum, which is also refreshed by a fragrant woodiness. One thinks of cedar, incense, still very green tannins and raw exotic wood. With aeration, the woodiness hardens and joins the cane bark. Both increase in pepper and India wood, for a dry and full-bodied character. The cane then glides quietly over the oak, to bring us back to more deliciousness. Lively and fruity, it is nonetheless bursting with sugar.

The palate is very smooth and fluid, with a mellow, evanescent woodiness that leaves a trace of pepper in its wake. The ripe cane still has some bark on it, which gives it a little structure to drive the mid-palate.

The finish is also sweet, with a cane of sweet spices and grey pepper.

La Favorite Cœur de canne vieux 4 ans is an AOC Martinique agricultural rum produced by a family-run distillery, one of the smallest on the island. This rum is made with pure cane juice pressed with a superb steam machine.

It has been aged for 4 years in French and American oak barrels, making it a VSOP rum. It is bottled in the iconic La Favorite bottle, formerly reserved for the famous La Flibuste vintages.

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