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La Favorite Distillery

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La Favorite Rhum Agricole Blanc
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The fresh smooth aroma is accented by tropical florals, the body is rich in citrus and pear notes followed by citrus and fresh sugar cane juice in the finish. Coeur de Canne is the heart of the sugar cane juice...

La Favorite Coeur de Rhum Ambre
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The fresh sugar cane aroma is highlighted with a white oak tone that carries through the citrus and fruit body to the rich tannins in the finish. Distilled as Coeur de Canne, La Favorite Rhum Agricole Ambré gains it's golden...

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La Favorite Rhum Vieux
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The aroma carries hints of prune, and smoky wood leading to a balanced fig, cinnamon, prune, and nutmeg body accented with licorice in the finish. La Favorite Rhum Vieux Coeur de Rhum is blended from stocks of rhums aged at...