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Yolixpa Teepak Herbal Liqueur

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Yolixpa is a traditional, pre-Hispanic herbal elixir made in the village of Cuetzalan in Puebla, Mexico. The name translates to ‘heart medicine’ and like many great beverages, it started out as treatment for a myriad of ailments. It is an infusion of endemic herbs in naturally made, local sugar cane aguardiente that is sweetened with piloncillo or honey.

The recipe for Yolixpa Teepak was created by Doña Carmen Juárez in 1977, although in truth, she was likely working with recipes handed down to her from past generations. Today, her daughter and grandson carefully preserve the legacy of this particular formula. In doing so, they are committed to supporting the Cuetzalan community. This is small batch, handmade product. They use local ingredients, local labor, and contribute a portion of the proceeds to help surrounding mountain communities in Puebla. Yolixpa Teepak is a delicious, slightly sweet, herbal drink that works wonderfully as an aperitif, digestif, cocktail ingredient, and effective medicine for ailments of the heart and soul.

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