Yaegaki Nigori Sake at Del Mesa Liquor
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Yaegaki Nigori Sake

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Product image may differ from the actual product.
Yaegaki Nigori Sake has the unique character of unfiltered sake, has light fruity and nutty hints on the nose, and a flavor reminiscent of cashews and pears. It is slightly sweet and would pair well with spicy food or a light dessert.


Opaque creamy white ivory color. Aromas of freshly sliced red radish, white peppercorn, fish tank water, and ripe pineapple husk with a slightly chunky, fruity medium body and a mango, chalk, and pineapple sauce finish.

The sweetness and mild flavor of the rice particles along with the citrus notes will match with spicy, fatty, and bold flavored foods. Also good with desserts

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