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Wright & Brown Rye Whiskey


An important source of our Rye is Earl’s Family Farm up in Mattole Valley of Humboldt County.  It is a heritage varietal that is gaining favor again with the resurgence of California grain farming. It is organic and unmalted; contributing to our rye whiskey a floral, grassy aroma. The rest of the rye in the mash bill is high quality, malted rye from Weyermann’s which lends a rich baking spice. 

On years where the yield on the family farm is low, we source rye from other organic family farms in northern California. 

The mash bill is rounded out with malted barely from Ireland and California.

We are deeply connected to the history of our spirits and the tradition of our craft.  We are personally engaged in every step of production from grain to glass.  All milling, mashing, distilling, bottling, and aging are all painstaking done here in house to make sure that each part of the process is executed with the utmost care.  This includes details like using a high percentage of malted barley so we are able to ferment without the use of external enzymes, preserving the purity of our whiskey. 

The Rye is then barrel-aged for at least 3 years in #3 Charred American White Oak. 

Our unique California Rye is unlike anything you’ve tasted before.  The local terroir gives the whiskey a wonderful grassy quality, reminiscent of the golden rolling bay area hills with a bruleéd creaminess, and a dark fruitiness of figs and plums on the palate. 


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