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Wright & Brown Cask Strength Rye Whiskey


It’s a rare commodity as it is only produced once a year in extremely small batches. With small batches there is little room for error because even small impurities can stand out like a sore thumb.  Because of this we have to take extra care to select only the most complex and balanced rye so you can get a pure, unadulterated taste of what our spirits taste like right out of the barrel.

Even at 56.1% ABV, our cask whiskey has a smooth sweetness to it.  A sweetness that only becomes more pronounced as it is expressed with water.  Drinking Cask Strength gives you the power to control the strength and the aromatic profile of your dram by adding water as you please, catering the whiskey experience to your whims. 

As the base of our Cask Strength, we use non-GMO malted rye as well as estate grown, organic, unmalted rye from a family farm up in the Mattole Valley of Humboldt County of California.  We then supplement with a good portion of malted Barley as homage to the old Appalachian style of Rye known as Monongahela (MO-non-gah-HEEL-a).  Monongahela Rye comes from Pennsylvania and Western Maryland.  It’s been around since the 1770s and was the first famous style of American whiskey.  Like our forefathers before us, we use this same mash bill and sweet mash fermentation technique. These centuries old methods paired with our copper pot still, produce a chewier, spicier, deeper rye. One that we want to keep passing on for generations to come. 

Our whiskey is a completely different style than what you would find in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana ryes which often have high levels of corn and use a column still.  It is rich, floral and grassy with a depth of character that you rarely find in commercial whiskies today. 

When aging a fine cask strength rye the results are incredible: it’s a robust, round mouthfeel with notes of candied ginger, apricot, dates and sage.  The idea behind our cask strength rye is to be able to taste rye whiskey, pure and unadulterated right out of the barrel and experience the results of the high quality oak maturation.


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