Wright & Brown Bourbon Whiskey at Del Mesa Liquor
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Wright & Brown Bourbon Whiskey

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Wright & Brown Bourbon is rich, grassy, herbaceous and spicy. It is the kind of bourbon that sophisticated palates are looking for as a departure from the boring status quo. What makes us so special? The secret lies in our inclusion of California grains, high rye mash bill and our 250 gal Vedome copper pot still.  It is also in our dedication to using old school methods of handcrafting whiskey and focusing on each part of the process from grain to glass to ensure that only the finest quality spirits come off our still.


Our bourbon is aged for over 2 years in #3 charred 30G and 53G American Oak Barrels to round out our flavor and give the bourbon a softer, rounder, caramel-laden mouthfeel.  Creating the perfect balance in flavors that makes our bourbon perfect to drink alone or pair with an expertly cooked steak dinner. 

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