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Woody Creek Distillers Potato Vodka

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Woody Creek Distillers is home to wild trout, gonzo writers, and masterfully distilled spirits as complex and surprising as the place they were born. Woody Creek Potato Vodka began as an obsession to create the world's best vodka from the ground up. Each surprisingly complex sip of our premium potato vodka was born of locally harvested Rio Grande potatoes, mashed fresh and distilled only once to bring you a rare vodka with a character all its own or with cranberry juice. 


The batch is distilled from potatoes grown exclusively for vodka production on their own farm, a mere 8 miles from the distillery. The proximity allows them to process their potatoes on the same day they are harvested and have a bottle of vodka in hand in five days later. Distilled only once to maintain its unique taste, character, and mouth feel while achieving exceptional purity, and brought to proof with Rocky Mountain spring water.

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