For the release of La Grande Dame 2015, Veuve Clicquot continues to claim optimism through colors with an unprecedented collaboration with Italian designer Paola Paronetto.

Described as the master of colors, Paola Paronetto has created a collection of six gift boxes in a shower of hues from her palette, infused with emotion, optimism, and commitment.

The whole set is a symphony of colors that chime harmoniously with each other. This offering continues to break with the classic and monochrome codes of prestige wines.

Paola Paronetto has used the same material that underlies many of her works in Paper Clay: 'Cartoccio' corrugated cardboard as an artistic principle for the gift box collection.

The collection of gift boxes have been produced consciously, aligned with Veuve Clicquot's EcoYellow commitments towards building a brighter future.

100% recyclable and made in France, the collection is made from next-generation material (60% of hemp) as well as 20% of FSC-certified wood fibers and 20% cotton.

The collection is a feat of innovative thinking and commitment to more responsible packaging.