Matsui The San-In Blended Japanese Whisky at Del Mesa Liquor
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Matsui The San-In Blended Japanese Whisky

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Aging in barrels impregnated The San-In blended Japanese whisky with notes of vanilla and fruits, leaving a pear taste on the finish.
The town of Kurayoshi is located in the Tottori prefecture, western Japan. Surrounded by countryside, the region abounds in pure water, generously supplied by the snowfall on the chain of Daisen mountains.
The annual temperature is high and contributes effectively to the aging of the Whisky.
The pure underground water of Mount Daisen offers a smooth and mellow taste to this light and refreshing whisky.


COLOUR : Brown, golden
NOSE : Pear, vanilla, abricot
PALATE : Melon, pear, ginger, a slight hint of vanilla, incense
FINISH : Well balanced with a warm and sweet finish

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