'The.Juniper.Tree' by Porfidio (Kutani Edition) at Del Mesa Liquor
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'The.Juniper.Tree' by Porfidio (Kutani Edition)

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Distilled with fresh, fermented juniper (boosts aroma) that is subtly harmonized with five other components to create the ultimate inexperience.
- Fermented and distilled fresh juniper berries
- Agave flowers, tuna (prickly pear) cactus flowers and pitaya (drano fruit) cactus flowers that are macerated in agave spirits adn redistilled
- The above fractionally distilled elements are then suffused together with unfermented agave stem (quiote) juice and aged for 5 years in virgin Castanea Sative (chestnut) barrels; the undertones extracted over time from the toasted chestnut wood cask staves.


Kutani porcelain bottle, aka five-color-porcelain, is the world's most technically challenging, process-intensive, expensive porcelain, as each color of clay is baked separately, at different temperature levels and for different time periods.  This unique process imbues Kutani porcelain with it's signature shiny colors and tactile feel; each color (flower in the case of this bottle) are at different heights.

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