Tepozan Extra Anejo Tequila at Del Mesa Liquor
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Tepozan Extra Anejo Tequila

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Product image may differ from the actual product.
Tepozan Extra Añejo Tequila is a luxurious and sophisticated sipping tequila that has been aged for a minimum of three years in oak barrels. This extended aging process imparts a deep, complex flavor profile that includes notes of oak, vanilla, caramel, and dark chocolate. The tequila has a rich, amber color and a smooth, velvety texture on the palate. It is best enjoyed neat or on the rocks, allowing the full range of flavors to be fully appreciated. The packaging for Tepozan Extra Añejo Tequila is equally impressive, with a sleek and elegant bottle design that showcases the tequila's premium quality. This is a tequila that is meant to be savored and appreciated, making it the perfect choice for special occasions or as a gift for the tequila connoisseur.
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