Spirit of Hven Backafallsbyn Hvenus Rye Whiskey at Del Mesa Liquor
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Spirit of Hven Backafallsbyn Hvenus Rye Whiskey

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The Hvenus name is derived from the island where it was born, Hven, combined with the second planet in the solar system, Venus. During Tycho Brahe’s studies on the island, he has made thorough observation and notations of the planetary system. Much of his work leaves an impression on the island to this day. Additionally, Copper plays a large influence on this whiskey in production. It is only fitting that Venus and Copper share the same alchemy symbol. 

Hvenus is a unique rye whiskey composed by Master Distiller Henric Molin. Each batch consists of 42 barrels of pooled, oxygenated and gently filtered before bottling at 45.6% ABV. No carbon filtration, dyes, or sugar additives. Just well-made whiskey stored in the best American Oak.

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