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Sotoleros Ensamble Lupe Lot 4

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Lupe Lopez who is a producer from the community of Las Escobas in the Municipality of of Cd. Madera in the Northwestern part of the state of Chihuahua. He was trained by Maestro Bienvenido Fernandez on the art of distillation. After his apprenticeship, he began distilling in his ranch which neighbors Sonora, deep in the Sierra Madre Occidental. This specific region of the state of Chihuahua is the host of three main plant varietals that yield delicious spirits: Dasylirion Wheeleri, Agave Shrevei and Agave Angustifolia (the same varietal used for concocting the elegant Bacanora).

Lupe harvests these wild plants and cooks them in underground conical ovens for a period of three to four days with oak and stone. He uses spring water as his source and fermends in wooden vats that are buried underground. Later on, when fermentation stops, he distills in copper pot stills with a wooden top. After two distillations he adjusts his final product with distilled water.

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