Shinobu 10 Years Old Pure Malt Whisky Lightly Peated Mizunara Oak Finish at Del Mesa Liquor
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Shinobu 10 Years Old Pure Malt Whisky Lightly Peated Mizunara Oak Finish

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The SHINOBU Distillery is located in the Japanese seaside region of Niigata on the country’s western coast. The area is famous for its “Three White Treasures”: snow, rice and sake which have been cultivated for centuries. SHINOBU Pure Malt whiskies are crafted by master blender, Mr. Usami Ken who blended and aged the SHINOBU Pure Malt Whisky 10YO Lightly Peated in sherry and bourbon hogshead casks for more than 10 years, before finishing them in precious Japanese Mizunara Oak. Famous for imparting rich, luscious flavors of apples, pears, cloves and nutmegs, Mizunara Oak has been used in Japan since the 1930s and is now sought-after by whisky makers around the world. The peated flavors brings the SHINOBU 10YO Pure Malt Lightly Peated Whisky into another aspect, with complex aromas and different layers of tastes of seaweed and smoky flavors. All SHINOBU whiskies are created without chill-filtration nor added color to protect and enhance their complex and robust character.

〜Tasting Notes〜
Nose: Delicious honey aroma, with hints of chocolate, dry grass and bonfire from lightly peated malts.
Palate: Caramel, coffee, gentle smoky flavors followed by seaweed and vanilla scent.
Finish: Long and smooth with notes of salted caramel.

All natural without colouring. Non-chill filtered.

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