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Ron Colon Salvadoreno Coffee Infused Rum 111

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A blended, aged Rum infused with whole coffee beans creating an explosion of warm tropical flavors.

In 2018, Thurman Wise and Pepijn Janssens traveled across the America's touching sixteen countries in just twenty-two days. In the middle of that journey, something about the tiny Central American country of El Salvador stayed with them — the people, the local Rums, the fine coffee plantations, the simple life and faith inspired them. They have created Ron Colón Salvadoreño Rums to bring that inspiration to life.

Fine aged Rum can often have notes of espresso arising naturally. Ron Colón Salvadoreño Coffee Infused Rum is a blend of fine molasses Rums — 70% six year-old column-stilled Rum produced by the Licorera Cihuatán Distillery in El Salvador, 15% Jamaican pot-stilled three year-old, and 15% un-aged pot stilled. This combination is infused with El Salvadoran coffee bean for forty-eight hours which releases the natural flavor elements without the bitter parts. The result is a rich, nuanced, mouth-watering Rum that jumps on the palate at 55.5% ABV.

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