NV15 Cain Cuvée Napa Valley 2015 at Del Mesa Liquor
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NV15 Cain Cuvée Napa Valley 2015

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Round fullness and smooth texture with a lovely aftertaste of a satisfying bitterness. Sweet and full flavors of sweet plums, roasted meats, and savory mushrooms.

The NV15 is the richest, most dense Cain Cuvee we've ever bottled. The wine is dark and the bouquet is shy. You won't really "get it" until you put it in your mouth and savor its firm, round fullness, and smooth texture. The wine finishes with a satisfying bitterness. All of our wines are Cabernet blends, and yet the Cain Cuvee takes it one step further - it is also a blend of two vintages.

Although the NV15 Cain Cuvee is dense, it is eminently drinkable. Drinkability - immediate drinkability - is what our Cain Cuvee project has been all about since the beginning, when we blended the first wines of this series, back in 1990. And, while we love to drink these wines in their youth, our surprise has been just how beautifully they have evolved over time, even going back to the very first, now, nearly thirty years ago.

70% Spring Mountain District, 30% Valley Floor, 100% Napa Valley
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