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Nirvana Hemp Flavored Vodka

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Through dedication, passion, and a will to make the best tasting vodka, Nirvana Vodka has spared no expense or time in the pursuit of perfection in the bottle. Using only the finest ingredients from the Cannabis Sativa Plant, Nirvana is extraordinary in quality, taste, and body. Complex, clean, and crisp. It is an especially versatile spirit, at home in a martini, on the rocks, or in a gimlet as it is in a “Bloody Mary Jane.” Nirvana Vodka is an ultra-premium vodka distinctly crafted, distilled 10x, filtered, gluten-free, and organic made with non-GMO corn

Tasting Notes
Fragrance: Freshness with a hint of herbal and botanicals tones
Flavor: Clean, Lively, fresh and crisp
Feel: Relaxing and lively on the tongue with a medium bodied with a rich velvety texture
Taste: Refreshing, natural, passionately smooth
Finish: A smooth long finish that is reminds you of quality
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