Morro Mezcal Ensamble Espadin & Tepeztate at Del Mesa Liquor
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Morro Mezcal Ensamble Espadin & Tepeztate

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In celebration and respect of the agaves’ slow life cycle, we produce limited-run single batches of wild/semi-wild expressions called our Ofrenda Series. These are our unique
offerings to the cult of agave drinkers. These exclusive bottlings will be limited to revolving lots of whichever agaves are ripe and ready for harvest at the time of production. The total yield of each bottling will depend on the agave species used and the size of the oven’s load for each individual cook. We follow a sustainability ethos of not overharvesting and are continuing to build out our nursery to repopulate the agaves used during production. This Espadín & Tepeztate ensamble is a 50/50 field blend where we harvested wild Tepeztate agaves from the mountainside behind our palenque and cooked them along with some of our mature Espadín.
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