Mars 'The Y.A.' #1 Japanese Whisky
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Mars 'The Y.A.' #1 Japanese Whisky

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Mars Y.A. Series is a limited-edition blended pure malt Japanese whisky that is distilled at the Mars Shinshu and Mars Tsunuki distilleries and aged in the Mars Yakushima Aging Cellar. It is made from 100% malted barley, which is blended from both unpeated and peated barley at a peat level of 3.5 parts per million. The whisky is distilled in copper pot stills and is primarily aged in ex-bourbon barrels with some ex-sherry casks. It has aromas of vanilla wafers, young pineapple, orange zest, and Bartlett pear skin and a palate of candied tropical fruit, roasted sweet potato, and vanilla saltwater taffy leading to a long finish of malt and subtle smoke. This whisky is non-chill filtered and has an alcohol content of 52% ABV. It is a limited release in the US, with 1740 bottles available. The Mars Y.A. Series is the first edition of this whisky and has been created to explore the influence of the Mars aging cellar in Yakushima on the flavor of the whisky. Single malts from both the Mars Shinshu and Mars Tsunuki distilleries are aged and blended on the remote island of Yakushima, which is located 135 kilometers south of Kagoshima and is known for its subtropical evergreen forests and heavy precipitation, humidity, and coastal influence. These factors contribute to the unique fingerprint of Yakushima on the maturation of Mars' whisky.

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