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Los Vecinos Mezcal Tobala

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Los Vecinos Mezcal Tobalá is an exceptional and rare expression that pays homage to the revered Tobalá agave and the craft of mezcal production. Sourced from the heart of Oaxaca, Mexico, this mezcal showcases the complexity and elegance of the Tobalá agave variety.

The Tobalá agave, known for its small size and long maturation period, is carefully cultivated and sustainably harvested. Los Vecinos Mezcal Tobalá is made with respect for tradition, employing time-honored methods such as hand-harvesting the agave hearts and roasting them in underground pits, imparting a unique smokiness to the spirit.

On the nose, Los Vecinos Mezcal Tobalá entices with enticing aromas of roasted agave, floral hints, and a touch of earthiness. The palate is treated to a captivating journey of flavors, as the Tobalá agave reveals its distinct personality. Delicate and sweet floral notes intermingle with tropical fruits, herbal undertones, and a subtle minerality, creating a mesmerizing and nuanced mezcal experience.

Sipping Los Vecinos Mezcal Tobalá neat allows you to fully appreciate the remarkable qualities of this unique agave variety. Each sip unveils the artistry and expertise of the mezcaleros, showcasing their deep connection with the land and the agave they cultivate.

Embrace the spirit of tradition and heritage with Los Vecinos Mezcal Tobalá, a mezcal that exemplifies the beauty and complexity of the Tobalá agave. Whether sipped in moments of reflection or shared among connoisseurs, this mezcal invites you to explore the essence of Tobalá and the profound craft that goes into producing an exceptional mezcal.

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