Levantine Hill Chardonnay 2016 at Del Mesa Liquor
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Levantine Hill Chardonnay 2016

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This wine deliberately eschews the modern style of taut and fine-boned expressions of Chardonnay, offering a defiant reclamation of the middle ground where body, flavour and palate weight can co-exist with structure, texture & measured acidity. Characters of flint, chamomile, crème anglaise, melting moments, white peach, glazed pear Danish and caramel Jerseys with underlying toasty char and struck match complexity. A fineness of palate with tensile acidity truly represents the classic growing season yet wields an intensity and heft of flavour and weight. Flavours of roasted macadamia and subtle honeysuckle work in concert with a tactile calcareous interplay underpinning a chalky pear-like texture. A lingering resonance of flavour is focused and enhanced by a precision of acidity and measured fruit. ~Winemaker’s notes
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