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L'Arack de Musar Arak

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L'Arack de Musar is a unique and traditional Lebanese spirit produced by Chateau Musar, a renowned winery based in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon. L'Arack de Musar follows the rich distillation traditions of the region and is crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

This arak is made from a base of indigenous white grape varietals that are carefully selected and fermented. After the fermentation process, the liquid undergoes double-distillation in traditional copper stills, a method that allows for the separation of the spirit from impurities and the extraction of flavorful compounds.

During the distillation process, aniseed is added to infuse the arak with its distinct and refreshing licorice flavor. The result is a clear and potent spirit that embodies the essence of traditional Lebanese arak.

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