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Jack Daniel's Prohibition Anniversary Gift Set

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Prohibition in the United States officially ended on December 5, 1933, when Utah approved the 21st Amendment to the Constitution, becoming the last state needed for a three quarters majority to enact the provision.

Even though it took another five years for Tennessee to end the ban on alcohol production, we still had plenty of reason to celebrate the National Repeal. If not for the National Repeal back in 1933, Mr. Jack’s Distillery wouldn’t be up and running today. The 75th Anniversary bottle celebrates the first step toward reopening the Jack Daniel Distillery.

While Prohibition was lifted nationally in 1933, it took five more years for the Jack Daniel Distillery to re-open its doors - because the state of Tennessee didn’t end the ban on alcohol production until 1938. When the Distillery did open, they began making whiskey just the way Mr. Jack did, mellowing it drop by drop through 10 feet of hard sugar maple charcoal. The same way we make it today. The 70th Anniversary bottle celebrates the reopening of the Jack Daniel Distillery.

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