Inquieto Anejo Cristalino Tequila at Del Mesa Liquor
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Inquieto Anejo Cristalino Tequila

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Inquieto Añejo Cristalino Tequila represents a harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation. This exceptional tequila takes the rich and mature flavors of aged añejo tequila and undergoes a unique filtration process to achieve a crystal-clear appearance while maintaining its remarkable depth of character.

Crafted with precision and expertise, Inquieto Añejo Cristalino Tequila begins with 100% blue Weber agave sourced from the revered tequila-producing regions of Mexico. The agave hearts are carefully harvested and cooked to extract their natural sweetness, creating the foundation for this extraordinary spirit.

After the initial aging process in oak barrels, Inquieto Añejo Cristalino Tequila undergoes an innovative filtration technique. This process selectively removes the color and any impurities, resulting in a tequila with the crystal-clear clarity of a blanco, yet retaining the refined flavors and complexity acquired during aging.

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