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Holmes Cay Single Cask Rum Jamaica ITP 2007

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The Holmes Cay Jamaica ITP 2007 edition is a rum from the Long Pond Distillery in Jamaica. Founded in 1753, Long Pond began as a sugar estate and distillery in the Jamaican Parish of Trelawny, and is now part of National Rums of Jamaica. This all-molasses rum is a single, low ester mark called the Ive Trelawny Pot or ITP, produced in the historic John Dore copper pot still and 100% tropically aged in Jamaica in ex-bourbon barrels before being bottled in New York State in 2022. It has been aged for 15 years exclusively in ex-bourbon casks, resulting in a rich, tropical fruit flavor profile with notes of brown sugar and oak. It has no additives of any kind and is bottled at a high proof of 56% alcohol by volume. Only 3 casks of this 15-year old rum are being released in 2022. On the nose, it has ripened tropical fruit notes, with flavors of banana, mango, and brown sugar on the tongue and a long, balanced finish of oak and tobacco leaf. It is best enjoyed neat with a splash of water.

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