Holmes Cay Single Cask Rum Australia Beenleigh 2012 at Del Mesa Liquor
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Holmes Cay Single Cask Rum Australia Beenleigh 2012

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The Holmes Cay Australia Beenleigh 2012 rum is a limited edition release that celebrates the art of aging and the unique flavors of Australian rum. This all molasses, pot still rum was aged for a total of 10 years, first in American oak in Australia and then in ex-bourbon casks in the UK. It is bottled at a high proof of 61% alcohol by volume and has no additives of any kind, allowing the flavors of the rum to shine through. On the nose, it is gentle and sweet with notes of vanilla, and on the palate, it has flavors of fruit and mint that give way to dry and savory notes. The finish is a blend of oak and mineral flavors. This rum is best enjoyed neat with a splash of water.

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