Hennessy VS Hip Hop 50th Anniversary Edition by Nas at Del Mesa Liquor
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Hennessy VS Hip Hop 50th Anniversary Edition by Nas

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Celebrate the iconic union of two legends with Hennessy VS Hip Hop 50th Anniversary Edition by Nas. This exclusive release pays homage to the rich history and cultural impact of hip hop, while honoring the legacy of the acclaimed rapper Nas.

Crafted by Hennessy, a renowned name in cognac, this limited edition captures the essence of both the spirit and the music. Hennessy VS Hip Hop 50th Anniversary Edition is a blend of tradition and innovation, combining the distinct flavors of Hennessy's VS cognac with a touch of modern flair.

From the first sip, experience a symphony of flavors that harmonize effortlessly. Notes of rich vanilla, toasted oak, and vibrant fruits intertwine, creating a sensory experience that is both refined and captivating. The smoothness of the cognac is a testament to Hennessy's mastery in aging and blending.

The bottle itself is a work of art, featuring a design that reflects the essence of hip hop's vibrant culture. Adorned with intricate details and Nas' signature, it stands as a collector's item that symbolizes the milestone of hip hop's 50th anniversary.

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