Glenfiddich 'Cumulative Time' 40 Year Old Scotch Whisky at Del Mesa Liquor
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Glenfiddich 'Cumulative Time' 40 Year Old Scotch Whisky

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It Is Visible In A Rocky Valley’s Many Solid Strata; Laid Down Over Millennia, Worn Smooth By Wind And Rain. And With Layers Comes Complexity. Which Is Why Glenfiddich 40 Is So Much More Than An Exemplary Single Malt. This Rare Single Malt Is Made Through Remnant Vatting, A Pioneering Process In Which Our Malt Master Carries One Batch Over, Time And Again, And Marries It With The Casks Selected For Each Subsequent Release. Cask After Cask, Season After Season, It Absorbs The Evolving Flavours Of The Passing Years. Melding The Many Liquid Layers Of It’s Four-Decade Formulation To Create An Extraordinary Expression. It Is Time, Age, Experience Accumulated. Physical. Tangible. Layer Upon Layer Of Maverick Thinking, Made Manifest.

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