Fuji Japanese Whisky at Del Mesa Liquor
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Fuji Japanese Whisky

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Fuji (Single Blended) Japanese Whisky is a the embodiment of Mt. Fuji Distillery's commitment and uniqueness in whisky making. This is a whisky blend of malt, and grain whiskies made everything at Mt. Fuji Distillery.

Unlike most other distillers in the world, Mt. Fuji Distillery undertakes all the production processes from mashing to bottling of both malt and grain whiskies on-site.

It has different flavor profile with multi-layered and the interplay of both malt and grain whiskies, depending on the expressions; delicately fruity, some are floral, yet each aroma and flavors are vividly expressed in well-balanced manner, yet silky, and very harmonious.

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