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Frigate Reserve 21 Year Old Rum

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Frigate Reserve 21 Year Old Rum is an exquisite and masterfully aged spirit that embodies the pinnacle of rum craftsmanship. Crafted with unwavering dedication and meticulous attention to detail, this 21-year-old rum represents the culmination of time, patience, and the art of aging.

At the heart of Frigate Reserve 21 Year Old Rum lies the finest molasses, which undergoes a precise fermentation and distillation process. The rum is then aged for an impressive 21 years in carefully chosen oak barrels, where it matures and develops its intricate and profound character.

The result of this extended aging is a rum of deep, rich mahogany color, reminiscent of the Caribbean's most luxurious sunsets. On the nose, Frigate Reserve 21 Year Old Rum captivates with alluring aromas of toffee, dark chocolate, and dried fruits, complemented by nuanced hints of oak, spices, and a touch of molasses.

The palate is a symphony of flavors, as the rum unveils layers of caramel, vanilla, and roasted nuts, elegantly balanced by warm spices and a gentle sweetness. The finish is enduring and satisfying, inviting you to savor every lingering note.

Frigate Reserve 21 Year Old Rum is best savored neat, allowing its exceptional complexity and depth to be fully appreciated. Each sip is a voyage through the essence of aged rum, paying homage to the Caribbean's rich heritage and the craftsmanship that transforms molasses into liquid art.

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