El Mero Mero Mezcal Tepextate

El Mero Mero Mezcal Tepextate

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El Mero Mero Tepextate is made with wild agave Tepextate that take 20-22 years to reach maturity. The agave used in this mezcal are crushed by tahona, fermented in Encino Oak tubs, and distilled in copper. Due to the rough conditions in the regions, the agave has high sugar content, which can translate to differences in flavor and profile. Typical batches of El Mero Mero Tepextate range from 125-200 bottles. 


El Mero Mero Mezcal Tepextate has vegetal flavors with additional notes of white pepper, buttered popcorn, umami, salinity, and an oily texture. 

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