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Bimini Gin

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All gin uses juniper as its primary botanical flavoring; Bimini Gin uses it differently. Juniper berries are often blamed for the “pine tree” taste that turns many people away from gin altogether. By using a more modern distillation process, the Bimini distillers are able to separate out juniper’s piney flavors and only extract the more floral and fruity notes that harmonize beautifully with the other botanical ingredients. The result is a fragrant, smooth tasting gin that is perfectly drinkable neat or with ice, or enhanced in a cocktail. 


Set firmly within the American style of gin, Bimini offers an aroma of fresh grapefruit and light floral qualities up front, with earthy malt and coriander notes in the background. Its rich mouthfeel helps the notes of peppery baking spices, cooling chamomile and verdant hops to linger on the palate, while its high proof makes it ideal for mixing cocktails. It is a juniper-forward gin -- while their process minimizes the typical resiny aspects found in many gins, Bimini maintains a juniper quality. Featuring supporting botanicals inspired by a session IPA, this is quite a unique alternative to a London dry gin.

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