Bhakta 50 Year Old Brandy Barrel 12 Lafayette at Del Mesa Liquor
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Bhakta 50 Year Old Brandy Barrel 12 Lafayette

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No line of ancient Armagnac would be complete without the Marquis de Lafayette. His commitment to the freedom and rights of all men left a transatlantic legacy. Without Lafayette’s assistance in mobilizing French military aid, America never would have won independence. So too did he play a vital role in the French Revolution, commanding troops and writing the seminal Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen. This barrel is dedicated to the intimate linkage between France and America. They are truly our oldest allies, and we salute them grandly.Sweet nose of caramel, toffee, and creme brulée. Develops into floral notes of lilac, violets, and muguet. Powerful, peaty attack which softens gradually without overpowering. Palate of floral essences, spices, pepper, tobacco, toast, orange peel, and marmalade. Quite dry mouthfeel of oak tannens. Especially good alcohol balance. 
Vintages Used:
1868 / 1878 / 1900 / 1947 /1956 / 1963 / 1965 / 1970
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