Barber Lee Apple Brandy at Del Mesa Liquor
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Barber Lee Apple Brandy

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Before grape vines filled the west Sonoma County countryside, this was apple country, and apple juice and cider production are still a large part of our local industry. The gravenstein apple (a perfect varietal for apple pie and rich cider) is our native variety, and our local gravenstein apple fair celebrates this heritage every year.

To make our apple brandy, we ferment and double distill the juice of gravenstein and fuji apples that are grown and fresh squeezed by a grower in nearby coastal Sonoma County. We then age the brandy in new heavy char barrels. A classic American style of apple brandy with wonderful high notes of fresh cut apples and cedar spice from the oak.

Our label is etched onto a wood label and depicts a two headed snake biting an apple, which symbolizes our copper still ‘The Two Headed Monster.

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