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Antilope Mezcal Tobala

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Antilope Mezcal Tobalá is an exceptional expression of mezcal crafted by Antilope, a distinguished mezcal brand rooted in the rich traditions of Oaxaca, Mexico. This mezcal specifically highlights the Tobalá agave, a rare and sought-after varietal known for its unique and complex flavor profile.

The Tobalá agave, also referred to as Agave potatorum, is a wild species of agave that grows in the high-altitude mountainous regions of Oaxaca. It is renowned for its smaller size and delicate, pineapple-like piñas (hearts), which yield a limited quantity of sweet, aromatic juice. Harvesting Tobalá agave requires great care and expertise, as it can take up to 12 years for the plants to reach maturity.

Antilope Mezcal Tobalá showcases the nuanced and captivating flavors that can be derived from this exceptional agave varietal. The mezcal is meticulously produced using traditional methods, including cooking the piñas in earthen pit ovens, crushing them by hand, fermenting the juice naturally with wild yeasts, and distilling the liquid in copper pot stills. These artisanal practices result in a mezcal that captures the essence and character of the Tobalá agave.

Upon tasting Antilope Mezcal Tobalá, you'll encounter a sensory journey of complex aromas and flavors. The nose offers a delicate balance of herbal and floral notes, with hints of tropical fruit and a subtle smokiness. On the palate, the mezcal unveils layers of flavor, showcasing the Tobalá agave's unique sweetness, earthy undertones, and a touch of minerality. The mezcal possesses a smooth and velvety texture, leading to a satisfying and lingering finish.

Antilope Mezcal Tobalá is best enjoyed slowly, allowing its intricate flavors to develop on the palate. Savor it neat or sip it gently to appreciate its complexity. This mezcal is a true testament to the craftsmanship and dedication of Antilope, a brand committed to producing exceptional spirits that honor the traditions and heritage of mezcal production.

For mezcal enthusiasts and connoisseurs seeking a remarkable and memorable mezcal experience, Antilope Mezcal Tobalá offers a unique glimpse into the world of this revered agave varietal. Its rareness, refined flavors, and commitment to traditional methods make it a prized addition to any mezcal collection or a delightful choice for those looking to explore the captivating world of mezcal.

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