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Korbel Rouge Champagne


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A true sparkling red wine, KORBEL Rouge is a medium-dry California champagne made from Russian River Valley Pinot Noir grapes. It has a distinctive color, with intense aromas and flavors of black cherry, strawberry and plum. The rich berries blend nicely with bright tannins and earthy herbal characters. ~ Winery Notes

Winery Data
Wine Description: Korbel Rouge Sonoma County champagne is a fun wine to surprise your friends with. Very few people expect to see a sparkling red wine. Most are amazed by the variety of flavors this cuvee has to offer.
Korbel Rouge is based on Russian River Valley Pinot Noir from Korbel’s estate vineyards. The flavors are of black cherries, plums and an earthy note, sometimes referred to as “forest floor”. The wine has a lightness and brightness which is enhanced by the natural carbonation. Yet the cuvee has a depth of flavor which is a hallmark of fine Pinot Noirs.
Winemaking: The red grapes used for Korbel Rouge California Champagne are crushed into stainless steel holding tanks where they are fermented for a week or more on the skins. Every day the juice in the tank is pumped over the skins several times to extract the color and flavors from the skins. After fermentation the skins are pressed and the new wine is aged in stainless steel tanks and oak barrels. Finally, the classic Méthode Champenoise process is used to make the red wine into Korbel Rouge Sonoma County Champagne.

Food Pairing: Korbel Rouge is excellent with hearty Italian fare like pizzas, lasagna, and pastas with tomato or meat sauces. It’s also a perfect refreshing summer red, served chilled on a hot day, along with grilled meats and sausage. Its rich and spicy notes make it a good pair with salamis, prosciutto and cheeses.

Alcohol: 13%