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El Pintor

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El Pintor Mezcal Ensamble
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El Pinto Mezcal Ensamble brings together agaves not traditionally blended together because of regional availability. The blend is 55% 8-year old espadin from Yautepec and 45% 15-year old wild cuishe from Miahuatlan, both in Oaxaca. Made using traditional methods, cooked...

El Pintor Tequila Joven
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El Pintor Tequila Joven is blanco blended with 3-4 year extra añejo aged in used bourbon barrels. Clear with a very mild amber shine. Fruity yet medium to full body and a long spicy oak finish. Delivers a vibrant agave flavor supported...

El Pintor Tequila Blanco
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El Pintor Blanco is a truly work of art. The process is started by selecting only ripe blue agaves from a single state in the low lands, near the tequila volcano. The cooking process is done in a traditional brick...