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Vikera Tequila

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Vikera Tequila Extra Anejo
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Vikera Extra  Añejo is our proudest achievement. It is aged for 7 years which creates an oak flavor similar to a fine bourbon. Overall flavor imparts a creamy texture and ultra-smooth taste.

Vikera Tequila Anejo
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Vikera  Añejo is aged for a minimum of 3 years in American White Oak. The result is the highest quality flavor with a dark hue and an extremely smooth finish. We recommend enjoying this Reposado over ice or simply with...

Vikera Tequila Reposado
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Reposado aged for eight to nine months in American white oak barrels creating a rich, gold colour along with a slightly oak flavor. We recommend enjoying our Reposado over ice or simply with a squeeze of lime.

Vikera Tequila Blanco
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Our Blanco is different because we infuse a three-year old Añejo into it to add a smooth, crisp flavor with a slightly oak and vanilla finish.