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Tequila Honor

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Tequila Honor del Castillo Afirmacion Anejo
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Flavor & Aroma: After three years of preparation, tasting and fine tuning by Kate and her team, The Limited Edition Tequila Honor del Castillo Afirmacion is a unique and very special and Añejo blend. The first Limited Edition batch was...

Tequila Honor del Castillo Redencion Reposado
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Flavor & Aroma: This taste provides a refreshing sensation with immediate aromas of oak, honey, and cocoa. It also has a clean honest nose, and from the first sip you’ll notice characteristics of dried fruits such as red currants. It...

Tequila Honor del Castillo Afilado Reposado
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Flavor & Aroma: It has full flavor with tones of jasmine that are enriched with notes of oak, chocolate and cocoa. It also offers a light touch of vanilla, and honey. It is slightly peppery, smooth, embodies a different degree...

Tequila Honor del Castillo Reflexion Blanco
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Flavor & Aroma: The first sip immediately transports you to the aromas and flavors of agave; as we let the air in, it opens up with hints of mint, thyme, vanilla, citrus, and jasmine. It is a mild tequila with...