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Suave Joven Organic Tequila
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All 5 expressions (Blanco, Lunar, Reposado, Añejo, Extra Añejo) blended masterfully to create a distinctive combination of all the best features Suave has to offer. Sweet vanilla, caramel, nutmeg and almond aromas collide with enriched oak, cinnamon and black pepper to...

Suave Blanco Lunar Rested Organic Tequila
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A Suave Blanco rested in American Oak barrels for 28 days (a full lunar cycle). Suave Lunar tastefully bridges the gap between a Blanco and a Reposado with balanced barrel and agave character.

Suave Extra Anejo VSB Organic Tequila
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The chef d’oeuvre of Suave: Ultra-rare premium tequila aged for 36 months in American Oak barrels, Suave Extra Añejo VSB truly encompasses what an exemplary full-bodied sipping tequila should be. Only 190 bottles ever made. Prevalent notes of dark chocolate, toasted...

Suave Anejo Organic Tequila
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Suave Añejo offers you a full-bodied vintage tequila aged in American Oak barrels for 24 months, giving it ample time to fully capture the essence of flavors and aromas hidden in the barrels themselves. Subtle cinnamon notes, a slight bitterness of...

Suave Reposado Organic Tequila
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Aged for 9 months in American Oak barrels previously used for bourbon, Suave Reposado displays all its natural complexity and depth from the barrel itself. Hints of dark chocolate, olives, and the promising notes of the original Suave Blanco. sweet hints of...

Suave Blanco Organic Tequila
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Traditionally crafted organic tequila with a modern twist. Committed to the art of crafting exceptional small batch spirits, we present a pure 100% agave-based sipping tequila. Quality expressed inside and out, to bring out the best of Mexico and agave...