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Romantico Tequila Extra Anejo
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A superb Extra Añejo tequila with a dark color and notes of dry agave aromas, sweet fruit, and delicate vanilla. Flavors of full agave layered with toffee, almonds, raisins, coffee, cacao, chocolate, and heavy accents of American oak. The perfect gift!

Romantico Tequila Anejo Cristalino
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Aged tequila that has been filtered, while still keeping its profile, giving it complex and delicious note of cooked agave and touches of wood that intensify its flavor.

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Romantico Tequila Anejo
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This añejo tequila is complex with notes of wood with dried fruits, and hints of cinnamon, orange peel, and caramel. Goes down smooth with persistent flavors of cooked agave, apricots, almonds, coffee, and cacao.

Romantico Tequila Blanco
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Medium-body, light and refreshing with long silky legs that glide smoothly in the glass. Predominant notes of cooked blue agave, and a soft note of minerals and spice. Perfect clear, crystalline color.  Its flavor contains citrus notes that is nicely...

Romantico Tequila Reposado
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This tequila has a great expression of what a Reposado should be; with a soft pale, amber color and notes of cinnamon, cooked agave, pear, herbal, and slightly oak flavors that linger on the palate.