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Nueveuno Tequila

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Nueveuno Anejo Organic Tequila
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Nueveuno Añejo is bright and clean with deep red-ish tones and a golden body. Aromas of cooked agave, vanilla, caramel, toasted oak, butterscotch, & a hint of honey provide a smooth finish. Organic and Kosher certified to produce high-quality agave and...

Nueveuno Reposado Organic Tequila
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Nueveuno Reposado has a straw yellow color with bright and clean golden tones. The aromas contain cooked agave with vanilla, oak, cinnamon, apple cider, and hints of caramel & floral notes. The cooked agave and toasted oak flavors provide a...

Nueveuno Blanco Organic Tequila
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Nueveuno Blanco Tequila with clear amber, bright and warm silver tones. The aroma contains intense cooked agave, herbal, hints of black pepper, olive, citrus, and mint. Earthy flavors give a clean finish.  Organic and Kosher certified to produce high-quality agave...